A teacher facing a career change and evaluating possibilities

‘David is, in my opinion, such an empathic, caring and decent human being, someone who seems to be constantly reflecting on how he can be a “better” person and who consciously and constantly pays attention to his own actions and his inter-actions with others.’

‘I was encouraged a great deal but necessarily, I think, challenged by David to view situations in a new and different light.’

‘I felt that David was an equal with me and at no stage felt a superiority, piousness or self-righteousness coming from him at all.’

‘David has a kindness, an empathy and a wish to be in service to others that is really obvious and genuine.’

‘As a result of my sessions with David I feel understood, I have taken away approaches, tips, practical information and skills that undoubtedly help me now and will continue to do so in the future.’


An office administrator feeling trapped and unhappy in her current job

‘David has given me some very clear guides and ideas that I can move forward with.’

‘Because of the clear steps – I know what needs to be done. I also feel that what I am already doing is right and I am therefore less hard on myself.’

A senior teacher in a new management role

Coaching was a new experience for me and one that I wouldn’t say that I felt entirely comfortable entering into. I initially saw it as something that I had been asked to do due to failures in my current role. My experience however, from the very first session with David, was one of support and I immediately felt at ease with him as we discussed my current circumstances. There was a real warmth to our sessions and I quickly found that he was a person that I felt that I could really open up to. This was in no small part down to his approach, which was entirely nonjudgmental and instead made me feel more positive about myself as a person and a leader.

I feel that the real key to our sessions has been David’s ability to listen and pick up on crucial points that I haven’t even considered. It is an astute skill to be able to absorb, at times, random accounts of issues that I am discussing / venting and then pick up on such a small point, which develops into a key discussion and reflection point. It is here that David has then been able to challenge me on my own views of leadership and of myself as a person. From previous experience a challenge can sometimes be interpreted as a negative however, due to the positive relationship that we developed and a genuine empathy and support that I have received from David these moments have been the most powerful in helping me to find answers to my questions and consider things in a different and more constructive way. They have helped me to move forward, to push past difficulties, to reflect upon the positives and new opportunities and approaches that have, and will continue to help me as a leader in my school.